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Web Design is definitely not kid's stuff!

The internet is swamped with websites that have been slapped together by those with too much time on their hands and not enough design savvy in their heads.
We have more than 15 years of experience in design work of all types and we possess the skill, expertise, and that all important, but often missing ingredient … the creativity, to build your memorable and visually stimulating home on the web.

We'll build a site that will stand out from all the commonplace ‘
template driven’ sites that permeate the web today.

Whether you want a personal webspace or a small business website,
SilkyWeb Design can build a site that you'll be proud to tell people to visit. Your website should reflect who you are, or it should define your hobby, your views, or your business. And it should not look stale and out-dated a few months after it’s built.

Website Design

We’ll build a custom website at your direction … or if you want to leave the design totally in our hands, we'll deliver an impressively good web presence whose web address you will be proud to display on your business cards, stationary, and brochures.

Let us design an eye catching,
get the message across kind of website that your visitors will remember. One that will keep them coming back again and again … and again!

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And if you already have a website, but it’s not performing the way you’d like, perhaps all it needs is some renovation or modernization … maybe even some ‘glitz and glitter’. Or we can completely tear down your site and redesign and rebuild it with the latest technologies. It will look and work better than ever.

Or we can simply update the technical workings of your website to the latest web standards without changing its appearance at all. This will speed up your site's loading time retaining your visitor's interest. Statistics show us if your site doesn't load within a 6 second window your site's visitors will click away, going elsewhere, and you've lost them forever. We will also improve your SEO (search engine optimization) so that you will move up in the search engines and more people will find you. We can also tweak the code on your website to help prevent theft of content (stealing images and text), as well as DDOS (distributed denial of service) hacks.

Remember, we are the website developer, art director, and creative force behind you're new or remodeled site … but
you are the boss.

It's all up to you.

(against my better judgement)

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Ok, maybe 'CHEAP' isn't the best way to advertise our handcrafted websites. But this guy gets paid minimum wage, (and some free pizza and a beer), to pop up on the screen and bring us business … so cut him some slack … OK?

No, our websites aren't 'Cheap', as in poor quality. They are custom built
state of the art, and very 'cool'; AND they are really very reasonably priced. Hope that clears up our (his) inappropriate use of the word 'cheap'!